1. timsstewart said: Hi Audrey I like yr bum and breasts very much to :) what size of bra do u wear?? Xx

    I am a 34B.


  2. Anonymous said: What's you Kik ?

    I don’t use kik. Sorry!


  3. Almost up to 350 followers. Woohoo!


  4. mmmwah said: Bored of Tumblr already? It happens.

    Lol not bored of it. Just busy. Haven’t posted much this week.


  5. bohemiancynic said: thongs, gstrings, or boyshorts?

    Out of just those three? Thongs.


  6. I’m bored today. What is everyone up to?


  7. Whoa. Woke up to over 300 follwers. Thanks guys! :)


  8. bitches-be-glaring said: Hey cutie what's your kik

    I do not have kik.


  9. Anonymous said: why are u make this?


  10. Happy Thong Thursday, followers!